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We help power up local small businesses with the web content that customers are searching for. "Ron is my video guy and I highly recommend him." - Crystal Thies, The LinkedIn Ninja.

...and Action!

How long should a business video be? The answer will surprise you. Watch this short clip, and find out why you should never use a 30 or 60 second video message... (duration 1:36)

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  • Video increases website traffic by almost 160 percent
  • Three out of four customers watch videos online before buying.
  • Visitors stay twice as long on a page when watching video.
  • Email open rates triple when VIDEO is in the subject line.
  • Every week, 75 percent of business execs watch video.
  • If you use video, and the competition doesn't, YOU WIN!

I know trying to market a local business can be frustrating. There are a lot of options, and you're never quite sure if your message is getting heard. After decades of success in broadcasting, I had worked with everyone from mom and pop stores to Fortune 500 companies. I started Videos On Your Website to show small businesses like yours in Cincinnati and Dayton how to engage their customers and prospects with entertaining video web content. We're local, we're marketing experts, and we shoot everything at your location.

People don't search for commercials. They want to know who you are and how you can help them. This is what we refer to as "Trust Marketing". Be transparent and show your customers what's in in for them. By doing this consistently, you become the perceived expert in your category. The idea is to get viewers to share and comment on your videos. Search engines love engagement, because everytime one of your fans shares your video, that's like a big YES vote for you.

When referred to a new business, 80% of Americans will go online to find out more. Brochure websites, and pictures just don't make the grade.

Here's Why Video Works