Cincinnati VCR tapes to DVD

I've been meaning to do it ...

We hear that a lot. And it's okay. Those old VHS tapes from the family trips, birthdays, weddings and all the rest. You'd enjoy them more if they weren't on that clunky old VCR tape. If you converted those tapes to DVDs, you could make copies and share them with everyone in the family. We can help with that.

It's true for those old slides as well. Forget about struggling with boxes or carousels, setting up a screen and that noisy, hot projector. Build your own slide show from the images and share them to family and friends.

  • If you have film, slides or other media, we can arrange for that to be converted as well.
  • Put your old VHS tapes on DVD, flash drive, or upload them to the cloud.
  • Prices start as low as $30 per tape. A DVD usually holds about two hours of material. Flash Drives can hold a lot more
  • All work is done right here in Cincinnati.
  • VCR tapes and slides deteriorate over time. Don't lose your precious family memories.

Isn't it time you go thru those closets and cabinets and get those memories digitized?
We can take them from your closet to your screen in just a few days!

Here is a shot of the kind of tapes we can convert for you - VHS, 8mm VHS or VHS-C

We convert these to DVD quickly
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